The art of good photography is seeing what others don’t and capturing what others can’t

Animal photographer John Daniels also runs photographic courses based in Wales and Surrey. Landscape photography, nude photography, wildlife photography and bird photography course are available from his web sites at  and . More details about John Daniels as an animal photographer are available from his web sites at and

Discovering your photographic potential with John Daniels

Courses to suit you and your abilities in various subjects

Locations in Wales or Surrey with studio facilities available.

Tailored tuition for 1 or 2 persons only for personal attention.

John Daniels
Shoot Photo Courses
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About John Daniels

Now specialising in animal photography, for many years  has been a successful commercial  and social photographer covering subjects from weddings to products, people to pets. He also taught for a number of years at local education centres and enjoys passing on his skills and experience ito others n an easy to understand and encouraging manner.

John has been photographing animals professionally for over 35 years and remembers taking photos of birds in his garden as a child aged 11 and is recognised as one of the UK’s most respected animal photographers with a library of over 22,000  images of wildlife and domestic animals.

John travels extensively and takes over 30,000 images per year and only the very best are sent to his library. He has been represented by Ardea since 1979 and has an extensive catalogue of images in their library.

You will have already seen John's work because many of his images have been published in books, magazines and calendars, on greeting cards and used in advertising campaigns. His past commissions have included a male lion jumping for an African airline to a garden snail used in an advertising campaign.

John Daniels - Teaching photography

For many years now John Daniels has been passing on his skills and photographic knowledge to students of all abilities.